The Arts


Our role in The Arts is to ignite students' passion and creativity, to prompt curiosity, awe and wonder, and to facilitate avenues for their authentic artistic self-expression. Across The Arts students develop the knowledge and skills to critically reflect on their cognitive, affective and sensory responses to arts practices. The Arts content, skills and processes inform decision making and aesthetic choices with increasing sophistication across the years of learning.

At Rockhampton State High School, The Arts covers Drama, Music, Instrumental Music and Visual Art. We have a dynamic team of staff who have a passion for their specialisation. Our units place an emphasis on traditional media, skills and techniques but we are unique in the way our Arts staff integrate technology and new media into the concepts that students investigate from years 7 to 12.

The Arts offer:

  • a team of 9 Arts specialist teachers with a passion for the arts and experience in a range of media areas
  • a high level of integration of both traditional and new (digital) media
  • an architect designed art gallery which runs through the heart of our building which features curated work by students throughout the year
  • strong ongoing relationships with some of the most highly respected artists, musicians and performers in Rockhampton and beyond - we constantly employ practising artists to come and work alongside us to extend our student's knowledge of contemporary arts practise
  • students passionate in The Arts have the option to simultaneously study up to four different subjects in year 11 or 12 – Drama, Music and Visual Art (General), as well as Visual Art in Practice (Applied)
  • students wanting to pursue further tertiary study in the Arts the opportunity for rigorous academic grounding and the building of an impressive portfolio to support their university entry
  • students wishing to pursue workforce pathways the opportunity to build technical skills and entrepreneurial knowledge to move straight into employment in a creative field
  • students the opportunity for their work to be displayed in our Outdoor Gallery, hung up around the school campus, celebrating the outstanding and highly professional work they produce. 


Junior curriculum

Our junior program in Year 7 – 8 are run as a rotation of electives, as students cycle through Drama, Music, and Visual Art for one term each.

Once in Year 9 – 10, students are able to choose their electives to study for a whole academic year. Students have the choice of Drama, Music or Visual Art. It is strongly recommended that if a student is wanting to continue any Arts subject into Year 11 and 12, they must study at least one year of their chosen subject in Year 9 or 10.

Senior curriculum

In the senior school, we offer Drama, Music, and Visual Art as our General subjects. All subjects demand a high amount of academic rigour, requiring students to invest time outside of school to keep on top of assessments. It is strongly encouraged that students have completed either Year 9 or Year 10 in their chosen subject to be eligible for any General Arts class. These subjects contribute to a student's ATAR score.

We also offer Visual Art in Practice (VAP) for students that are following an Applied pathway. The focus is on practice skills and techniques of art making.

Our creative students are encouraged to choose as many Arts subjects as makes sense for their unique skill and pathways beyond school.


Paige Hennessey

A/Head of Department – The Arts

Last reviewed 24 February 2022
Last updated 24 February 2022